HospitalFlipPad GOSH200 The FlipPad™ is a new medical grade ruggedized case for the iPad 2 and the new iPad HD. Its is designed to pass tough standards on waterproofing and shock protection. In addition, the whole shape of the FlipPad is easy to clean with standard infection control sprays. The FlipPad™ will be available in with a LasarPen™ which is also waterproof and made of the same durable material.

The FlipPad™ started deployment to the first 6 NHS Pilot Sites in 2012. We are recruiting now for the next 30 NHS sites. This is the launch of our Trust Appstore Launch.

 LasarPenMovieThe LasarPen "talks" to the FlipPad. It communicates via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to our SnapIn Cartridges at the back of the FlipPad. The Advanced LasarPen will be issued to pre-selected NHS Pilot Sites who are testing Patient Bar Code Scanning or Medical Imaging in 2013.


See the FlipPad Demo Video

This is a quick demo video of the main features of the FlipPad that launched at the EHI Show in
November 2012: